Select cycle, Pull control dial out to start, Select options – Maytag PAVT915AWW User Manual

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Select Cycle

To select a cycle, push the control dial in (off position)
and turn it to the right (clockwise) until the pointer is at
the number of minutes needed for the wash load in the
Regular, Permanent Press or Delicates cycles.

Regular Cycle

Provides normal agitation and normal spin speeds to
wash cottons and heavily soiled items.

Permanent Press Cycle

Provides normal agitation speed for the first six
minutes, a pause, then slow agitation for the rest of the
wash cycle to protect wrinkle-free fabrics. Spin speed
will be normal to reduce water retention.

Delicates Cycle

Provides slow agitation speed and slow spin speed for
delicates and knits.

Pull Control Dial Out to Start

You may stop the washer at any time by simply
pushing the control dial in. Therefore it is possible to
obtain a non-agitated soak or to shorten, skip or
repeat any part of a cycle. The control dial must be
pushed in (off position) when you change the setting.

Select Options

(if desired)

Extra Rinse

When the knob is in the on position, an additional
rinse at the end of the Regular cycle is provided to
more completely remove laundry additives, suds,
perfumes, etc.







Control features vary by model.


Do not attempt to turn the control dial

counterclockwise. Damage to the timer will result.