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Page 3: Fp-motion | motion sensor settings & controls

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FP-Motion | Motion Sensor Settings & Controls

Module Description

The motion sensor is used to

trigger actions within the FP

product when motion is

detected underneath the dome.

Potential actions include

triggering the FP’s 12 V output

signal, activating the contact

closure, activating an audio

stream, turning on an LED lamp

(if installed), and triggering an

optional ScentAir module (if


To integrate the FP-Light,

FP-Amp or FP-ScentAir, refer to

those instructions.

Section 1 – Wiring The


Connect External Power


The motion sensor requires an

external power supply rated

between 12 V and 18 V

(optional SoundTube

accessories: AC-PS-1530 and

AC-PS-1550). Connect the

power supply to the

brown/white (+) and brown (-)

wires in the Cat 5 cable.

Connect Contact Closure

To connect the contact closure

to an external device, connect

the green/white (+) and green

(-) wires in the Cat 5 cable to

the corresponding wires in the

external device.

Connect 12 V Trigger

To connect the 12 V output

signal trigger to an external

device (i.e., external audio

source), connect the blue/white

(+) and brown (-) wires in the

Cat 5 cable to the

corresponding wires in the

external device. Note: the

brown wire is shared with the

power ground.

Section 2 – Adjusting the

Aperture Lens

Define the Aperture Setting

The FP-Motion ships with the

narrow aperture lens installed

as the default. The narrow

aperture covers a 3-foot (0.9

m) radius when the dome is

hung at 7.5 feet (2.3 m). The

wide aperture covers a 6-foot

(1.8 m) radius when the dome

is hung at 7.5 feet (2.3 m).

Install the Wide Lens


To install the wide aperture

lens, remove the pod cover [1]

from the FP pod [2] by

loosening the two captured

screws [3] on each side

(Figure 1). The screws will not

come out of the cover.

To remove the narrow aperture

lens [4], GENTLY press

outward on the tab on the

inside cover with a small

screwdriver while pushing

inward on the lens (Figure 2).

*CAUTION* Using excessive

force on the tab will break the

tab and ruin the pod cover.

To insert the wide aperture

lens [5], align the notch on the

lens and gently snap it into

place by hand (Figure 3).

Section 3 – Setting Motion

Time Delay

Time Delay Default

The FP-Motion has an

instant-on, time-delay-off

functionality and ships preset

to a 5-second delay off. The

delay off can be adjusted

manually from 2 – 12 seconds.

As long as motion is detected,

the module’s timer is

continuously reset. Once no

motion is detected, the

delay-off timer is activated.

Adjust the Time Delay


To adjust the time delay,

remove the pod cover [1] from

the FP pod [2] by loosening the

two captured screws [3] on

either side. Using a small

screwdriver, turn the motion

sensor trim pot [6] clockwise

to increase time delay and

counterclockwise to decrease


Section 4 – Using The Audio

Relay and Continuous Audio

The FP-Motion module ships

with a relay board [7] installed

which engages the audio path

when motion is detected. When

there is no motion detected,

the audio stream is disabled.

Enable Continuous Audio

If you don't want the FP to

disable the audio stream when

no motion is detected, then

replace the included audio

relay board with 5 included

jumpers [8] (Figure 5). The

audio will play continuously

whether or not motion is


Section 5 - Replacing The

Pod Cover

Replace pod cover [1] and

tighten screws [3].

Cat 5 Wiring

All signal and control wires are located in the signal/hanging cable provided

with the FP unit speaker wires. A Cat 5 cable (blue shield) contains the control and power

wires; audio wires are individual 16-gauge wires in the bundle.

Wiring Instructions

1 FP-Motion module
5 Pairs audio relay jumpers



External controller

LED Light

Amp Control


Contact closure = Green/White

Contact closure = Green

12 V trigger = Blue/White

Amp control = Blue

LED control = Orange/White

LED control = Orange

Amp gain = Blue

Amp gain = Orange

Left in = White

Left in = Green
Right in = Red

Right in = Black

Power = Brown/White

Power ground = Brown

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

FP pod [2]

Motion sensor trim pot [6]

(delay off timer)

Pod cover [1]

Motion sensor module

Motion sensor

wide aperture [5]

Audio relay [7]

(ships with motion sensor only)

Motion sensor narrow aperture [4]

Main electrical board

Motion sensor connection

Amp, audio relay or continuous

audio jumper connection

Continuous audio jumpers [8]

FP modules ship pre-installed

from the factory.

Other FP Series optional

modules include:

1. LED Light
2. ScentAir
3. Amp

All modules require a power source.

An optional 15 volt source is

available from SoundTube
(Model numbers: AC-PS-1530

or AC-PS-1550).

FP Series

Do not spec or install speaker near support beam, ventilation duct or
other structure that may interfere with speaker function or dispersion.


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SoundTube speakers must be installed by a professional audio installer/contractor. For safety and for
optimum audio performance, installer must follow all directions issued by SoundTube Entertainment.











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Install Instructions For:


FP Series

Pod cover screws [3]

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