Led meter (plt-mtr) – Logitek Electronic Systems Pilot User Manual

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A hardware LED Meter is available as an option. The Meter includes two high-resolution meters –

one for Program bus and one switched (follows Monitor selection).


If the Pilot is powered on without being connected to the JetStream, all meter LEDs
will illuminate. This is normal operation; the LEDs will turn off after being

connected to the JetStream and the console begins to receive meter data.


The Meter option is supplied separately and attaches to the back of the Pilot frame with two

screws (included).

The ribbon cable from the Meter attaches to an internal header via a small ribbon cable. The

blue side of the ribbon cable should be up. Pass the ribbon cable through the frame and
push the ribbon into the connector until it comes to a stop and gently close the brown latch

on top of the ribbon cable. Take care to not use much force on this connector as it is very

The Meter is not designed to be attached in another location.


8.2” W x 2” H x 0.5” D (208.28 mm x 50.8 mm x 12.7 mm)

The standard mounting adds 2.07” (52.5mm) to the height

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Figure 1: Pass the ribbon cable through the frame

Figure 2: Gently snap the latch onto the cable.