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Page 13: External audio equipment, Setting the battery type, Setting up

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PSR-E253/YPT-255 Owner’s Manual

Setting Up

Setting the battery type

After installing new batteries and turning the power
on, make sure to set the Battery Type appropriately
(rechargeable or not) via Function number 023 (page

Using the music rest

Connecting Headphones (sold
separately) or External Audio

A pair of stereo headphones with a 1/4” stereo phone
plug can be plugged in here for convenient monitor-
ing. The speakers are automatically shut off when a
plug is inserted into this jack.
The [PHONES/OUTPUT] jack also functions as an
external output. You can connect the [PHONES/
OUTPUT] jack to a computer, a keyboard amplifier,
stereo system, mixer, recorder, or other line-level
audio device to send the instrument’s output signal to
that device.

Connecting a Footswitch to the
[SUSTAIN] jack

You can produce a natural sustain as you play by
pressing a Footswitch (FC5/FC4A; sold separately)
plugged into the [SUSTAIN] jack.

Turning the Power On/Off


Turn down the [MASTER VOLUME] dial to “MIN.”


Press the [

] (Standby/On) switch to turn on the

power. While playing the keyboard, adjust the
[MASTER VOLUME] dial. To turn off the power,
press the [

] (Standby/On) switch again for a


• Failure to set the Battery Type may shorten the amount of

the battery life. Make sure to set the Battery Type correctly.

• Do not use the instrument/device or headphones for a long

period of time at a high or uncomfortable volume level,
since this can cause permanent hearing loss. If you experi-
ence any hearing loss or ringing in the ears, consult a phy-

• Before connecting the instrument to other electronic com-

ponents, set all volume levels to the minimum, then turn
off the power for all components.


Insert the music rest
into the slots as shown.

1/4” stereo
phone plug


• When the instrument’s sound is output to an external

device, first turn on the power to the instrument, then to
the external device. Reverse this order when you turn the
power off.

• Make sure that the footswitch plug is properly connected to

the [SUSTAIN] jack before turning on the power.

• Do not press the footswitch while turning the power on. Doing

this changes the recognized polarity of the footswitch, result-
ing in reversed footswitch operation.

• The sustain function does not affect style (automatic accom-

paniment; page 18).

• When using an AC adaptor, even when the power is off, a

small amount of electricity is still being consumed by the
instrument. When you are not using the instrument for a
long time, make sure to unplug the AC adaptor from the
wall AC outlet.




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