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PSR-E253/YPT-255 Owner’s Manual


Playing Songs

You can simply enjoy listening to the internal Songs, or use them with just about any of
the functions, such as Lesson.

Press the [DEMO] button to play the Demo
Songs in sequence.

When Song numbers 001 to 003 are played back in
sequence and the last Song (003) is finished, play-
back will repeat continuously, starting again from the
first Song (001).
To stop playback, press the [DEMO] button.


Press the [SONG] button, then use the
Number buttons to select the desired

Refer to the Song List (page 39).


Press the [START/STOP] button to start

To stop playback, press the [START/STOP] button

To change the tempo:

Refer to “Changing the Tempo” on page 19.

Adjusting the Song Volume

To adjust the volume balance between Song play-
back and keyboard, you can adjust the Song Volume.
This can be set via Function number 002 (page 30).

With the default setting, pressing the [DEMO] button
will play back only three internal Demo Songs repeat-
edly. This setting can be changed so that, for exam-
ple, all internal Songs automatically play back, letting
you use the instrument as a background music


Hold down the [DEMO] button for longer
than a second.

“DemoGrp” (Function 019; page 31) is shown in
the display for a few seconds, followed by the cur-
rent repeat playback target.


Use the [+] or [-] button to select a play-
back group.


Press the [DEMO] button to start play-

To stop playback, press the [DEMO] button again
or press the [START/STOP] button.

Random Song Playback

When the Demo Group (above) is set to something
other than “Demo,” the playback order via the
[DEMO] button can be changed between numerical
order and random order. To do this, press the [FUNC-
TION] button several times until “PlayMode” (Func-
tion 020; page 31) is called up, then select “Normal”
or “Random.”

Listening to a Demo Song

• You can select a song by using the [+] button after pressing

the [DEMO] button. The [-] button can be used to go back to
the beginning of the selected Song.

Selecting and Playing Back a




Song name

Song number

Appears after the [Song]
button is pressed.

BGM Playback


Preset Songs (001–003)


All preset Songs (001–090)


User Song (103)

Hold for longer
than a second.

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