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Playing a Variety of Instrument Voices

PSR-E253/YPT-255 Owner’s Manual


The instrument features a built-in metronome (a
device that keeps an accurate tempo), convenient for


Press the [METRONOME] button to start
the metronome.


Press the [METRONOME] button again
to stop the metronome.

To change the tempo:

Press the [TEMPO/TAP] button to call up the Tempo
value, then use the number buttons [0]–[9], [+], [-].

Press the [+] and [-] buttons simultaneously to
instantly reset the value to the default tempo.

To set the Time Signature:

Press and hold the [METRONOME] button to call up
“TimeSigN” (Functions 016; page 31), then use the
Number buttons.

To set the Metronome Volume:

This can be set via Function number 017 (page 31).

You can play the keyboard with a spacious, wider
sound effect that gives you the sensation of hearing
the sound outside of the speakers by turning on the
Ultra-Wide Stereo effect.


Press the [ULTRA-WIDE STEREO] but-
ton to turn it on.

The sound will expand around you—as if the
speaker position is outside of the instrument.


Press the [ULTRA-WIDE STEREO] but-
ton again to turn it off.

To select the Ultra-Wide Stereo type:

Press the [FUNCTION] button several times to call up
“Wide” (Function 014; page 31), then use the Number

This instrument can apply various Effects as listed
below to the instrument’s sound.


Adds the ambience of a club or concert hall to the
sound. Although the best-suited Reverb type is called
up by selecting a Song or Style, you can select another
one via Function number 009 (page 31). You can also
set the Reverb depth via Function number 010 (page


Makes the Voice sound richer, warmer and more
spacious. Although the best-suited Chorus type is
called up by selecting a Song or Style, you can select
another one via Function number 011 (page 31).

Panel Sustain

By turning on the Sustain parameter of Function
number 012 (page 31), you can add a fixed, auto-
matic sustain to the keyboard Voices. Sustain can
also be applied as desired with the footswitch (sold
separately; page 13).

Using the Metronome

Playing with enhanced, more spa-
cious sound (Ultra-Wide Stereo)



Current Tempo value



Appears when Ultra-
Wide Stereo is on.

Applying Effects to the Sound

• Even if you turn on Panel Sustain, there are some Voices to

which sustain is not applied.


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