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PSR-E253/YPT-255 Owner’s Manual


Playing the keyboard with two persons (Duo mode)

When the Duo mode is activated on this instrument, two different players can play the
instrument simultaneously, with the same sound, over the same octave range—one per-
son on the left and the other on the right. This is useful for learning applications, in
which one person (a teacher, for example) plays a model performance and the other per-
son watches and practices while sitting at the first person’s side.


To start this instrument in the Duo
mode, simultaneously hold down the [L]
button and press the [

] (Standby/On)

switch to turn on the power.

“DuoMode” is shown in the display for a few sec-
onds, and the F

#3 key becomes the Split Point

and the keyboard is divided into two sections:
one for the left Voice and one for the right Voice.


One person should play the left Voice
section of the keyboard while the other
plays the right Voice section.

Selecting a Voice

Select a Voice by executing Steps 1 and 2 in
“Selecting a Voice” on page 16

How sounds are output in the Duo mode

Notes played in the left Voice section sound from
the left side speaker while notes played in the
right Voice section sound from the right side
speaker, in the initial Duo mode setting. This out-

put setting can be changed from the “VoiceOut”
setting (Function 015; page 31).

Using sustain in the Duo mode

Sustain can be applied to the left and right Voice
sections in Duo mode just as it normally is by
using one of the following methods in the Duo
mode like the usual mode.

• Press the foot switch (page 13) connected to the

[SUSTAIN] jack.

• Set “Sustain” (Function 012; page 31) to on.

Style Playback in the Duo mode

Although full Style features (accompaniment)
cannot be used in the Duo mode, the rhythm part
of a Style can be played back while playing the
left/right Voices normally.

Phrase recording in the Duo mode

The right Voice section and the left Voice section
are recorded on the same track.


To exit from the Duo mode, press the

] (Standby/On) switch to turn off the

power, and turn the power back on again

• The right Voice section and the left Voice section of the

keyboard are both set to the same Voice (except for
Voice numbers 309 to 323).

• In the Duo mode, the Split Point cannot be changed

from F



• The Lesson function cannot be used in the Duo mode.



Equivalent to C3

Split Point: 066 (F


Left Voice

Equivalent to C3

Right Voice



• In the Duo mode, the pan, volume and tonal characteris-

tics of the strereo sound may differ from those in the nor-
mal mode, due to the setting of VoiceOut = “Separate”
(page 31).
Particularly with Drum Kits, the difference
may be more obvious, since each key of a Drum Kit fea-
tures a different stereo pan position.

• Sustain cannot be applied independently to the left

Voice section and the right Voice section.

• While Panel Sustain is on, the setting of hold is main-

tained even when the power is turned off.



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