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Page 32: Backup parameters initialization

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PSR-E253/YPT-255 Owner’s Manual


Backup and Initialization

The following Backup parameters will be maintained
even if the power is turned off.

To initialize Backup data, execute “Backup Clear.”

You can initialize your original data via the following

Backup Clear

This operation initializes the backup parameters.
While holding down the highest white key, press the

] (Standby/On) switch to turn the power on.

Backup Parameters

Backup parameters

• User Songs (page 29)
• FUNCTION Settings: (page 30)

Tuning, Your Tempo, Master EQ type, Panel Sustain,
Auto Power Off, Battery Type

Note that the following situations cannot back up or main-
tain the settings of the Backup parameters.

• When the AC adaptor is unplugged with the power on

(even if batteries are installed):

• When the power is turned off due to accidents such as

electric power failure:

• When the Alkaline battery/Manganese battery runs down

(without connecting the AC adaptor):



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