Freestyle Audio Soundwave User Manual

Page 10

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Basic Operations

Battery Indicator
The battery indicator will deplete with use and show the amount of charge remaining
When the battery reaches 10% charge remaining the battery light will start flashing
indicating the need to recharge the battery. A fully charged battery will play up
to 18 hours of continuous music.

Short press <PLAY> to start music
When music is playing Short press <PLAY> to pause the music
will continue to play from where it was paused
Long press <PLAY> to stop music from playing

Short press <VOL> to enter the V olume menu,

Short press <PREV> to decrease volume

Short press <NEXT> to increase volume

Short press <MENU> to return to the play screen

Double press <VOL> to mute all sound
Long press <VOL> enable H old ( all keys locked ) Long P ress again to U nlock

Short press <NEXT/PREV> to play next/previous song