Freestyle Audio Soundwave User Manual

Page 13

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Basic Operations

Song Play Order Options (continued)

While the player is playing a song simply short press <PLAY>to the song.



Then short press <MENU> to go to PLAYLIST, ARTIST, or ALBUM. You can scroll up
and down using the <NEXT> and <PREV> buttons to view all available playlists, artists
or albums and when you find the one you want simply press and hold the <MENU>
button and it will load and play.

When you turn the player off, the next time you turn it on the player will reset to
the master local folder and start at the first song in the order in which you originally
placed them onto the player from the first to the last one added. You can once again
select a specific subset for your new listening session.

License Info
For any given song you can select the LICENSE INFO option to determine if there are
any play limitations on the song. For example, if the song is a WMA DRM protected
song it may only be allowed to be played a certain number of times or if it is a
subscription music DRM song it may only be able to play for a certain number of
days before you will need to SYNC with Windows Media Player (WMP) while
connected to the Internet to update the DRM license.

While the player is playing a song simply short press <PLAY> to set it to PAUSE.
Then short press <MENU> to go to LICENSE INFO to see if there are any limitations on
the song. If there are they will be listed and if there are not it will return to the song on
screen in the PAUSE mode.