Freestyle Audio Soundwave User Manual

Page 12

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Basic Operations

Song Play Order Options

Listen To All of Your Loaded Songs

Your mp3 player stores all music of your music in a folder called: LOCAL FOLDER

and will play songs in the order in which you have placed them onto the player.

If you turn the player off it will restart at the song it left off on

You can create individual folders in the LOCAL FOLDER to organiz e songs from

various artists (similar to a playlist). These folders allow you to create custom play orders

To create a custom folder, the player can be in either Portable Media Player (PMP)

Portable Storage Device (PSD) mode while connected to your computer. The unit is

initially in the PMP mode.

To switch between the two modes press the Play/Pause/On/Off button

(middle top) while device is connected to your computer. The unit will initially

be in the Portable Media Player mode.

Then right click your mouse and select the NEW and then FOLDER options and

name your new custom folder. You can then drag and drop or copy and paste

songs into this folder and then move the folder into the MUSIC

folder to have this subset of songs from this folder available as a folder in the

LOCAL FOLDER setting available for listening.

While the player is playing a song simply short press <PLAY>to PAUSE. Then

short press <MENU> to go to LOCAL FOLDER to see a list of all the folders on the

mp3 player. You can scroll up and down using the NEXT and PREV buttons to view all

folders and when you find the one you want simply press and hold the MENU button and

it will load and play. If you turn the player off when you turn it back on it will resume play

in the exact spot of the song from the FOLDER you selected.