Freestyle Audio Soundwave User Manual

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Loading Music

Loading Music on Player Using Windows Media Player 10 & 11 (XP & Vista only)

1. Plug your MP3 Player into your computer and open Windows Media Player (WMP)
on your computer.

2. Select the SYNC TAB on the top menu.

3. Drag items such as files, albums, and playlists from the (left) Library pane to the
(right) Sync pane where it says “Drag items here” to add them to the list of items
you want to sync onto the player.

Note: To establish song play order you must first create and then save the songs in
a new playlist, then press start sync. If you sync songs to the player without saving
them as a playlist they may not play in the same order you see within WMP.

4. Click “Start Sync” button to begin synchronization.

5. Once all the songs are copied onto the player WMP will say “You can now disconnect

6. When you disconnect your player you will see an hour glass and % icon on the OLED
screen. This denotes the generation of the table of indexes of the songs on the player
so you can view and then play your songs, playlists, artists, albums, etc. When it
reaches 100% this process is complete.

Note: For detailed instructions on how to use Windows Media Player please visit:


Loading Music on Player Using Windows Media Player 9 (98, ME & 2000 only)

To use WMP to copy content to your player, the content must first be listed in Media
Library and the portable device must be connected to your computer.