Freestyle Audio Soundwave User Manual

Page 8

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Before Loading Music on Player

• To change the default mode from PMP mode to PSD mode when not connected
to a computer, long press the

<MENU> button and select SETTINGS.

Short Press the <NEXT> button

and select from the menu


under select USB DISK (PSD) and this will change

the default setting from the MEDIA DEVICE setting. If you want to reset it to
MEDIA DEVICE (PMP) simply repeat these steps and select the MEDIA DEVICE (PMP)

• Windows Media Player allows you to organize songs and playlist and then sync them
to the player. For more details and step-by-step instructions., please visit:



Folders named Albums, Music, and Playlists are visible in both the PMP and PSD modes
on your player. If you use Windows Media Player to transfer music, the songs, albums and/or
playlists will be visible and stored in these folders in both PMP and PSD mode views.

Note: If you do not see the folders Albums, Music and Playlists in either mode you may
have your computer settings so you are not able to view all folders. To enable viewing
of all folders on your computer simply click the START button on your computer (bottom left)
and then click the MY COMPUTER button. Next click on the TOOLS dropdown menu and
select FOLDER OPTIONS. In the FOLDER OPTIONS click on the VIEW tab and turn on the
SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS option. You must click the APPLY and/or OK button
for this change to take effect.