Freestyle Audio Soundwave User Manual

Page 19

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Basic Operations

System Settings (continued)


To view, go to SETTINGS mode in <MENU>. To set language

select LANGUAGE mode
Short press <NEXT/PREV> to select

Short press <MENU> to confirm

Long press <MENU> to exit

Available languages include:

English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Finnish, Danish,

Hungarian, Slovak, Simple Chinese, Trad Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hebrew and Thai.

Power Off

To conserve the battery, the unit has a POWER OFF timer option. Go to SETTINGS,

POWER OFF, and <MENU> to set the automatic power off time.

Online Device

Simply long press <MENU> button and select SETTINGS.

Short press <NEXT> or <PREV> buttons and select Online Device.

You can then change default setting to either USB or Media Device.

Memory info

To view how much memory is still available, go to SETTINGS mode in <MENU> and

select MEMORY INFO mode.

DRM Time

To view the date you last performed a SYNC with Windows Media Player (WMP) to

update the DRM and subscription music license which allows the mp3 player to

play protected songs go to SETTINGS mode in <MENU> and select DRM Time