Gyration GyroRemote and Mobile RF Keyboard User Manual

Page 11

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To Change the Channel the Keyboard is Using

When two devices are being used in the same proximity, each device should

be set to operate on a unique channel. To change the channel:


Click and hold the CHANNEL button on the RF Keyboard for 2

seconds. When you release the button, the keyboard will change to

the next channel and the green LED will flash. The number of times

the green LED flashes indicates the new channel the keyboard is


If a Teach/Learn sequence has already been performed, it will not be

necessary to re-synchronize the devices.

Tip: If you are installing three or more devices on a single receiver, see “Installing 3 or

More Devices” on page 13.

Powering Off the Keyboard

It is not necessary to power down the keyboard when it is idle unless the unit

will be traveling and may encounter inadvertent key presses.


To power down the keyboard, simultaneously press and release the

CHANNEL button and TEACH button on the top of the keyboard. The

keyboard will immediately enter deep sleep mode and will be

unresponsive to key or button clicks. The unit will confirm it is

powering off by flashing its LED three times.


Repeat this sequence to power on the unit. The unit will confirm it is

powering on by flashing its LED for 1 second.

Note: If the keyboard’s protective cover is used, power down is not required. The cover

will prevent inadvertent key presses and the unit will remain in sleep mode with no

radio transmission.