Gyration GyroRemote and Mobile RF Keyboard User Manual

Page 15

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The Status LED flickers rapidly when the receiver is operating in

“Normal Mode” and a synchronized device is transmitting. If there is

radio interference, the flickering light will be inconsistent.


The Status LED blinks slowly (1 blink per second) when the receiver

is in Learn Mode and is awaiting a Teach instruction from a device.


The Status LED blinks rapidly for a 4-second burst when it is in

Learn Mode and processing a Teach instruction and synchronizing

the receiver with the device.

Keyboard Status LEDs

The Keyboard Status LEDs indicate whether the keyboard has the Num Lock,

Caps Lock and/or Scroll Lock features activated.

Conflict LED

If an unrecognized Gyration device is attempting to operate on the same

channel as a device that has been synchronized, the red “Conflict” LED on

the receiver will flicker and input control may be intermittent.

The Conflict Light will only detect interference from another RF device (i.e.

not cordless phones, personal radios, etc.).

Installing 3 or More Devices

The Receiver can be taught to recognize up to eight devices (remotes, key-

boards, etc.) on a system, but only two of those devices may be used simul-

taneously. When setting up a system with a single receiver and 3 or more

devices, the following guidelines must be followed:


Select two channels that are free of outside interference and install

all devices on either of those two channels. When possible, it is

recommended that the two chosen channels be separated by at

least one unused channel.


Any of the devices installed on one channel may be used