Gyration GyroRemote and Mobile RF Keyboard User Manual

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OPTIONAL: To exit “Learn Mode,” press the LEARN button on the

Receiver for 2 seconds. Otherwise, after five minutes, Learn Mode

will automatically time out.

If more than one Gyration remote and/or keyboard is being installed on the

system, place the Receiver into Learn Mode (step 4 above) only once, then

“Teach” each device before exiting Learn Mode. Do not push the Learn

button on the receiver for each device to be added. (Also see “Installing 3 or

More Devices” on page 13.)

When the Receiver is put into Learn Mode, it erases its memory of learned

devices and looks for new devices. Therefore, when adding a new device to a

system it is necessary to put the Receiver into Learn Mode then Teach all

devices that will be used on the system.

Note: After the Teach/Learn sequence is performed, the Receiver and the device will

remain synchronized after powering down and changing channels. It is only necessary

to perform the Teach/Learn sequence when setting a device up for the first time or

when adding additional devices to the system.

GyroTools Software

GyroTools software is a suite of professional presentation tools that enhance

the functionality of GyroRemote. Assign your favorite tools to buttons 1-4 on

GyroRemote and put advanced presentation techniques at your fingertips.

To install the GyroTools software, insert the GyroTools disk into your CD

drive and follow the on-screen instructions. Once GyroTools is installed, you

can view complete operating instructions by accessing the on-line help