Gyration GyroRemote and Mobile RF Keyboard User Manual

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Powering Off GyroRemote

After 3 minutes of non-use, GyroRemote enters a Sleep Mode that conserves

battery life. In Sleep Mode the unit only uses battery power when a button is

pushed. It is not necessary to power down the unit when it is idle unless the

unit will be traveling and may encounter inadvertent button presses.


To power down GyroRemote, simultaneously press and release the

CHANNEL button and TEACH button on the side of unit. GyroRemote

will immediately enter deep sleep mode and will be unresponsive to

button clicks. The unit will confirm it is powering off by flashing its

LED three times.


Repeat this sequence to power the unit back on. The unit will

confirm it is powering on by flashing its LED for 1 second.

Note: It may be necessary to power off the unit when traveling on commercial airlines

due to FCC regulations regarding radio-emitting devices.

Installing or Replacing the Batteries

GyroRemote operates on four standard or alkaline

AAA batteries. When GyroRemote’s batteries reach

20% of a full charge the Status LED will blink when

it normally lights solid. For instance, clicking and

holding a button on a fully charged remote causes

the Status LED to light solid. Clicking and holding a

button on a remote with low batteries will cause the

Status LED to blink intermittently. To replace the



From the bottom of the remote, slide the

battery cover open by pushing firmly

downward with your thumbs.


Remove the battery holder.


Insert four new AAA batteries into battery cradle and return cradle

into GyroRemote. When replacing the cradle into the remote, align

the positive (+) labels. See Illustration for proper cradle alignment.