Gyration GyroRemote and Mobile RF Keyboard User Manual

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Replace battery cover.

Four alkaline AAA batteries will generally provide up to six months of use in a

typical presentation environment.

Fine-tuning Cursor Control

GyroRemote uses your standard Windows mouse driver. Any settings that

are available to a standard desktop mouse are also available to GyroRemote.

Multiple factors will determine how you adjust your mouse to suit your

preference including screen resolution, mouse driver version and overall

personal preference.

While becoming familiar with your GyroRemote and getting a feel for the

GyroPoint method of cursor control, Gyration recommends adjusting your

mouse driver to the following settings:


Pointer Speed – Average. Some new users prefer this setting to be

slightly slower than average. Advanced users will increase the

speed so that less wrist movement gives them more screen

coverage with the cursor.


Acceleration – Low or Off.