Gyroremote troubleshooting tips – Gyration GyroRemote and Mobile RF Keyboard User Manual

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GyroRemote Troubleshooting Tips




GyroRemote LED

comes on when

activate button is

pressed, but receiver

is unresponsive

Remote and Receiver

not Synchronized

Perform a Teach/Learn sequence.

(See “GyroRemote” on page 1.)

Cursor is visible but

shows no movement

Gyro not activated

Squeeze the trigger, double-click

trigger or press crescent shaped

Gyro Lock button on top of


Cursor movement is

choppy or erratic

Radio Interference

1. Change the device’s channel

setting. (See “To Change the

Channel GyroRemote is Using”

on page 3.)

2. Move receiver away from

other electronic devices (e.g.

monitor, speakers, radio,


When pressing the

activate button, the

LED on the

GyroRemote is flashing

Batteries are low

Replace batteries (see page 5).

When pressing the

activate button, the

LED on the

GyroRemote is off

Batteries are dead

Cursor moves too fast

or too slow

Speed or

acceleration not set


Change the cursor tracking speed

in the mouse control panel (see OS

documentation for details).

When keyboard is in

use, the GyroRemote

stops working

The GyroRemote and

Keyboard channels

are too close to each


Find out what channel each device

is on (See “GyroTools Software” on

page 2 and “To Determine Which

Channel the Keyboard is Using” on

page 8), then change the channels

on the GyroRemote device to a

channel at least 2 away from the

keyboard channel.