Troubleshooting – Maytag W10445417B User Manual

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Possible Causes


The dryer is located in a room with

temperature below 45ºF (7ºC).

Proper operation of dryer cycles requires temperatures above

45ºF (7ºC).

The dryer is located in a closet.

Closet doors must have ventilation openings at the top

and bottom of the door. The front of the dryer requires

a minimum of 1" (25 mm) of airspace, and, for most

installations, the rear of the dryer requires 5" (127 mm).

See “Location Requirements.”

Cycle time is too short

The sensor cycle is ending early.

Change the dryness level setting on Sensor Cycles. Increasing

or decreasing the dryness level will change the amount of

drying time in a cycle. If loads are consistently ending too early,

see also “Cycle Guide – Sensor Dry Cycles.”

Lint on load

Lint screen is clogged with lint.

The load is too large and heavy

to dry quickly.
Fabric softener sheets are blocking

the grille.

The air outlet grille is just inside the door, behind the lint screen.

Check that it is not blocked by a fabric softener sheet.

Use only one fabric softener sheet, and use it only once.

Separate the load to tumble freely.

The load may not be contacting the

sensor strips on Sensor Cycles.

Level the dryer. See “Level Dryer.” All four dryer

feet should be in firm contact with the floor.

Clean lint screen before each load.


First try the solutions suggested here or visit our website at

for assistance and to possibly avoid a service call.

If you experience

Dryer Results

Clothes are not drying

satisfactorily or drying

times are too long

Lint screen is clogged with lint.

Clean lint screen before each load.

Run the dryer for 5–10 minutes. Hold your hand under

the outside exhaust hood to check air movement. If you

do not feel air movement, clean exhaust system of lint

or replace exhaust vent with heavy metal or flexible metal vent.

See “Venting.”

The exhaust vent or outside

exhaust hood is clogged with lint,

restricting air movement.

The exhaust vent is not the correct


Check that the exhaust vent is not too long or has

too many turns. Long venting will increase drying times.

See “Venting.”

The exhaust vent diameter is not

the correct size.

Use 4" (102 mm) diameter vent material.

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