Troubleshooting – Maytag W10445417B User Manual

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Possible Causes


Dryer Results (cont.)

Stains on load

Improper use of fabric softener.

Add dryer fabric softener sheets at the beginning of the cycle.

Fabric softener sheets added to a partially dried load can

stain your garments.

Loads are wrinkled

The load was not removed from

dryer at the end of the cycle.

Refer to garment care label instructions. Dry clean only

garments are not recommended.

The dryer was tightly packed.

Dry smaller loads that can tumble freely.

Stains on drum

Loose dyes in clothes.

Drum stains are caused by dyes in clothing (usually blue

jeans). These will not transfer to other clothing.

First try the solutions suggested here or visit our website at

for assistance and to possibly avoid a service call.

If you experience

Load removed before cooldown

portion of cycle complete.

Allow the dryer to complete the cooldown portion of the cycle

before removing the load.

Load too hot

Using Timed Dry cycle with a

normal temperature setting.

Select a Sensor cycle with a lower heat setting to avoid

overdrying the load.


Recent painting, staining, or

varnishing in the area where your

dryer is located.

Ventilate the area. When the odors or fumes are gone from

the area, rewash and dry the clothing.

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