Innovation Technology SF6 User Manual

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Data Printout

If readings were stored using the STORE key on the hand unit, these can be printed or
transferred to a computer. After printout, the data memory is cleared. See section 16.5
page 15 for ISL supplied printer settings and information.


Clear Data Memory

Use this function prior to beginning a new set of measurements to remove invalid data
from memory.


Press to return to normal screen display.


Open Supervisor Level

Please enter access code: You need password entry, this is factory set at 000.

Enter 000 (or new code) then keypad press


Set Alarm Level

Enter the alarm level for the leak rate you wish to alarm at. This level alerts the "ALARM"
LED in the handgun.

Only the alarm level corresponding to the chosen mode ml/sec or ppm can be entered.

Valid alarm levels are for (leak rates) 0.5 E-6 / 5 E-7 ml/s to 20 E-6 / 200 E-7 ml/s, and 5
to 1000 ppm (concentration). Values beyond these limits are rejected.


Operator ID mode

It may be useful to be able to identify the operator from the data printout, there are two
stages to ensure this:


Do not force operator ID

Selected this if no data printouts are to be made.


Force Operator ID by name

Select this only If data printout is to carry an operator’s name.

If selected, the operators name entry screen is opened after power on. The operator may
now enter his name or short code. If nothing is entered, i.e. the entry is terminated with
the edit line empty, the instrument will operate normally, but data printout is not possible.