Innovation Technology SF6 User Manual

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SQUARE: This has two functions: MEASURE MODE and SEARCH (bar graph) MODE.
On power-up the SEARCH mode is automatically selected, the touch screen displays a
bar graph. This is ideal for fast and ultra low-level leak detection (~10 E-8cc/sec). In this
mode high accuracy is not possible, just leak detection and location.

When a leak is discovered, the audible alarm sounds and the bar graph as well as the
handgun analogue gauge responds, usually full scale.

To change from SEARCH to MEASURE mode, press and hold the SQUARE button for 2
seconds, the RED light comes on and the display changes to 0.00. You are now in the
MEASURE high accuracy mode. If you have selected ‘Peak Hold Console’ leaks will be
measured and held ready for printing if required.

Pressing SQUARE once gives desensitise x1. The second press gives desensitise x2, as
pre set in USER SET-UP section in touch-screen. The LED marked SPECIAL flashes
slowly with x1, and faster with x2.

CIRCLE: This zeroes and cancels desensitise and may be used at any time. During the
short zero time the lights change from RED to GREEN. Do not leak test during this time.

During normal use it is recommended to press the CIRCLE key occasionally to
zero the detector to ambient conditions.

TRIANGLE: The RESULT STORE key. The peak reading shown on the touch-screen is
transferred to memory for later printout.



A choice of top caps are available, Standard (P1-100-0003),

extended (P1-100-0004), and extended with a Stainless Steel tip (P1-100-0005). This
has a 5mm diameter and is designed for leak searching in enclosed spaces or where
rough (welded) surfaces must be checked.



It is essential that FILTER (P1-100-0005) is always fitted. This

provides a small micron filter and provides a seal for the secondary sinter. This sinter
forms part of the detector vacuum cell and is critical to good stable and accurate
operation. The flow down the top cap past the filter and into the vacuum chamber is
constantly monitored. The vacuum automatically compensates for filter restriction, to a
point when accuracy is threatened. At this time the LOW FLOW ERROR is displayed and
the filter should be changed.

All these items are available ex stock from ISL or your local agent.