Innovation Technology SF6 User Manual

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15.1 Probe/Sensor Lifetime/filter:

Sensor life is presently estimated to be 200 hours of continuous use in a normal
industrial atmosphere. Sensor life is affected only by contamination in the air sample
being drawn through probe. Therefore it is dependent on ambient conditions.


This is positioned between the top-cap and the sinter leading into the detector

vacuum chamber. To access the filter, first switch off, then remove the probe and hold it
upright. CAREFULLY unscrew the top-cap and the small brass filter will be seen on the
sinter housing. It is not possible to reclaim this filter

. Part No P1 100 0005.

Dusty environments will slowly reduce the detector’s performance. At a point when this
threatens the ability to leak detect the sensor will shut down with a screen displayed

Bigger particles are captured in a filter and tend to obstruct it. The reduction in flow is
automatically compensated, but again only to a level which will not threaten performance.

On power up, the instrument first scans the characteristics of the new sensor and sets
these values in the console memory; this may take 10...50 seconds.

15.2 Changing the Probe

To change the sensor,

You Must Power Down


Never unplug the probe while the red lights on the console are still on!
To remove the probe, just grip the plug at its sliding piece and pull it straight out.
When inserting the new probe, align the red marks at the plug and socket and push.


Known Problems


Power Up During Transport.

During environmental testing it was found that it is sometimes possible that should the
instrument be dropped, the force may switch the instrument ON.

Under normal circumstances, this is relatively harmless, as the handgun is normally
unplugged if the instrument is packed for travelling. In this situation as the instrument
does not recognise the sensor it powers down after a short time.

We recommend removing the fuse from the main’s socket prior to transportation,
particularly air transport.


Power Up after transportation if the fuse has been removed.

The real time clock must be set.
Make a calibration check and re-calibrate if required, using the Portable Reference Leak.



On delivery, all passwords are set to 000. To change them, please refer to paragraph
’Changing Passwords’.