Innovation Technology SF6 User Manual

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GAS-CHECK SF6 is a portable, mains-independent instrument for leak detection and
leak measurement of SF6 gas. Although designed for SF6, other gases with a high
affinity for electrons, such as refrigerant R12 may also be detected.

Although designed for operation without training, we recommend that this manual be
read before use. This manual and the instrument have been designed to be understood
by users whose first language is not English. Please advise us of any changes, which will
make this easier.

Two modes of operation are available, volume loss/time cc/sec (leak-detection) and
(ppm) concentration of SF6 in air.

All controls and displays required for detection are found in the hand unit. Accurate and
clear measurement is achieved from the console touch screen display.

Measurements can be stored in the instrument and later transferred to a printer or
computer. A battery-powered printer is available. Results may also be downloaded to a
computer via the RS2323 link.

The only item, which needs to be replaced in normal use, is the ‘Smart Sensor’ probe.
Smart Sensors contain a microchip programmed with specific sensor information. At
Switch ON, the console automatically reads sensor information.

Smart Sensors are not radioactive and contain nothing harmful. Life is approximately
200hours. Sensors are changed by switching OFF the instrument and plugging in a
. Three (3) are supplied and available as exchange items.

The operation of the instrument and sensor require permanent and precise control by
software. Any faults give immediate error messages, which are then displayed on the
touch screen. This in conjunction with the sample flow monitoring function, ensures the
instrument reliably determines and displays all fault conditions.

All vital user parameters are password protected against unauthorised entry.

Access to the touch-screen is required for set-up only. If used outside or in difficult
conditions the transparent cover over touch-screen can be left locked.




Touch-screen for numeric leak rate display and parameter entry.

Two red on/off buttons located at the front and right side panel. Both are lit when the
instrument is on. White light combines mains supply and battery charge control. This
flashes while on charge and is permanently on when the battery is full.

A Key allows the transparent front cover to be locked during use.