Innovation Technology SF6 User Manual

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Desens Factor 1.

Factory pre-set at x5. On a high or ‘gross’ leak, press the

GREEN handgun pad once. This desensitises by x5; the Green (special) lamp will flash.


Desens Factor 2.

Factory pre-set at x5. Pressing the GREEN handgun pad

again invokes a further desensitise, the lamp will flash faster.

To change the desens factor use the +/- buttons.


Standby mode

This useful feature allows you to programme a standby (sleep) time from when the
instrument is last used (or moved). This allows the instrument to save power and
component life.

When the instrument in the standby mode (sleeping) the "NOT READY" LED in the
handgun will flash slowly. The instrument returns to normal operation when the hand unit
is picked up or moved.

Pressing the +/- buttons gives these choices: Factory pre set to LIGHT + SENSOR.


In LIGHT + SENSOR mode the following will occur.
The touch-screen, screen contrast, sensor, and sample flow regulation are switched off.
Vacuum is released. Lifetime of all major components is saved.

If POWER DOWN is selected, the instrument will not ‘wake-up’ when handgun is moved.

Before standby mode is entered, a screen message and acoustic signal are given. At the
end of this signal, provided the handgun has not been moved the instrument enters
standby mode.


Standby delay

This is the delay after which the selected standby mode is entered. When choosing the
delay, consider the following:

For short delay times (up to 10 minutes) use the LIGHT + SENSOR option.

For longer delays when battery saving is a concern (more than 10mins) use POWER
DOWN. This shuts-down the instrument in the same way as pressing the OFF button.


RS232 Protocol

The serial interface supports all common handshake protocols. The required setting
depends on the device to be connected. For a computer, select .

For a printer,

please see its manual for the appropriate protocol.
Other parameters are fixed at 9600, 8, N, 1.