Innovation Technology SF6 User Manual

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Sound type

Using the +/- buttons select sound output you prefer. HARMONIC or TRADDITIONAL.

If more than one instrument is used in a confined space, it may be useful to set them to
different sound types.


Sound begins at

This allows you to set the display value at which the sound begins.

For leak detection, we suggest settings of If you use higher settings, leaks
may be missed. Irrespective of the level selected the handgun and touch-screen display
operates as normal and shows all response to leaks.


Live tick

If activated, a slow tick will be heard as long as GAS-CHECK P1 is ready to measure.


Filter Threshold. Factory pre-set to 5.


Filter Count. Factory pre-set to 10.

These parameters control the ppm mode signal filter. Although they are not supposed to
be modified by the user, here are some hints about their operation:

The main function of the filter is to block out short wave noise. "Filter Count" represents
the number of measuring cycles over which the signal must be continuously above or
below the average value.

For high signals, the filter is partially bypassed to gain acceptable rise times at high ppm

Higher values for both parameters result in better smoothing and the expense of longer
response times, especially with low concentrations.

Lower values sacrifice smoothing for improved response. Settings of "0" completely
bypass the corresponding filter branch.

Values of 5...10 for "Filter Threshold" and 5...20 for "Filter Count" have proven to be
average settings.


Tech. Date Readout

This is a log record of the complete instrument and sensor. It records use and status of
all major components. Serial numbers, hours of operation, and other data are displayed.
These are mainly for service purposes.

These cannot be selected or changed as they are simply a record.

Press EXIT to return to previous menu and EXIT to return to main display.