Innovation Technology SF6 User Manual

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This paragraph describes the parameters that determine the behaviour of the instrument.
The first step is always.

Activating the Menu System. In normal operation, the instrument can be taken to
programming mode by simply touching the touch-screen. From the main menus, items
can be selected.

Touching the screen will display the following menu structure:

Set volume / Contrast

Open Operator Level

Open Supervisor Level

Open Tech Level


In the following, it is presumed that this menu is displayed on the screen.

Passwords and Numeric Values must be entered as required. Numeric or alphanumeric
keypads appear as required. Just touch the appropriate buttons, using +/- to delete the
last digit and RETURN to confirm the entry.

In some cases, the present value of a parameter will already be entered. You may then
confirm or delete and re-enter.


Set volume / Contrast

Using the three slider type controls on this screen, select contrast for best visibility. Be
careful with the contrast, if you bring the slider to its extreme positions it is possible that
the screen appears blank. If this happens, and your finger is still on the screen, then run
it straight upwards until the screen contents reappears.

The - and + buttons are for fine adjusting the contrast. These provide better resolution
than the sliders. Every 5 presses advance the slider one step.


Open Operator Level

This menu displays to following:


Operator ID

If the operator's name is required on the data printout, the name can be entered here.
If the mode "Force Operator ID by Name" is active, this screen will automatically appear
after power up. If nothing is entered, normal operation is possible but data printout is not