Power saving, Closed captions and digital closed captions, Direct button operation – Sharp Aquos LC 46BD80UN User Manual

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1/3 ENG

2/3 CC1

3/3 Text1



Allows you to set the Power Saving level in order to
decrease the power consumption and increase the
backlight lifespan.


Each time you press

POWER SAVING, the mode changes

as shown below.




You can have the same settings by choosing "Power
Saving" on the menu items. (See page 34.)

Closed Captions and Digital Closed Captions

Your TV is equipped with an internal Closed Caption
decoder. It allows you to view conversations, narration
and sound effects as subtitles on your TV. Closed
Captions are available on some TV programs and on
some VHS home video tapes at the discretion of the
program provider.

Digital Closed Caption service is a new caption service
available only on digital TV programs (also at the
discretion of the service provider). It is a more fl exible
system than the original Closed Caption system,
because it allows for a variety of caption sizes and font
styles. When the Digital Closed Caption service is in
use, it will be indicated by the appearance of a 3-letter
abbreviation that also indicates the language of the
Digital Closed Captions: ENG (English), SPA (Spanish),
FRA (French) or other language codes.

Not all programs and VHS videotapes offer closed
captions. Please look for the “N” symbol to ensure
that captions will be shown.

In the Closed Caption system, there can be more than
one caption service provided. Each is identifi ed by its
own number. The “CC1” and “CC2” services display
subtitles of TV programs superimposed over the
program's picture.

In the Closed Caption system, the “Text1” or “Text2”
services display text that is unrelated to the program
being viewed (e.g., weather or news). These services
are also superimposed over the program currently
being viewed.

Depending on the number of caption services in the
signal being received, you will see information such as
1/2 or 1/4 displayed.
1/2 means “the fi rst of two services”.

If a program has three services (Digital CC(ENG), CC1
and Text1), the closed caption display will toggle in this


CC button keeps a record of the last service

selected in its memory.
If the last closed caption mode (e.g. 1/3 ENG) you
selected is not available for the next program, or on
another channel, the closed caption service that is
available is automatically selected, and this service
appears in parentheses, e.g. “1/3(CC1)”.
Closed Caption services that appear in parentheses will
not be stored in the

CC button's memory as your last

selected service. Only services that you have selected
with the

CC button are stored.

In a case where there are two closed caption
services provided (for instance, Digital CC(ENG)
and CC1), and Digital CC(ENG) is displayed
as your current selection, if Digital CC(ENG) is
not broadcast for the next program, the other
closed caption service, CC1, will be displayed in
A closed caption service appears in parentheses
because the service you selected is not available
and a different service is displayed on your screen.
“1/1(CC1)” is displayed instead of “1/2/ENG”.

When “Power Saving” is set to “Standard” or “Advanced”,
the Power Saving leaf icon appears on the channel
information window. See page 34 for details of Power
Saving settings.
See page 41 for detailed closed caption settings.
When the program contains no closed caption, “--” displays
in the closed caption information.
If the language code, e.g. “ENG”, is not found on Digital TV
programs, “--” will be shown.
Four kinds of closed caption service (CC1, CC2, Text1,
Text2) are potentially available, but a broadcast may contain
none or only some of these services at the discretion of the
program provider.
When a BD/DVD-VIDEO disc is played back, the

CC button

functions for switching subtitles.

Direct Button Operation


CC while the Closed Caption information is

still on the screen.

Press repeatedly until you select the desired closed
caption service.


Closed Caption









1/2 CC1



1080i (16:9)








This will present the Closed Caption information