Blu-ray disc setup – Sharp Aquos LC 46BD80UN User Manual

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Blu-ray disc Setup

Audio Video Settings

■ Play Format
Set the playback setting for content recorded in 24Hz.

Auto: The content is played back in 24Hz.
Off: The content is played back in 60Hz.

■ Secondary Audio
This toggles the clicking sound on the menu and audio
with secondary video in picture in picture mode for BD-

On: BD-VIDEO that includes secondary audio compatible

with Picture in Picture can be played back with
secondary audio.

Off: Secondary audio does not output.

"On" is the factory preset value.
Select “Off” when enjoying the high quality sounds of BD-
You cannot change the Secondary Audio setting during

■ Digital Audio Out
You can set Digital Audio Out when connecting to
SURROUND equipment.

Bitstream: Select this when connecting to SURROUND

equipment with a built-in decoder for DOLBY DIGITAL,

Setting to Bitstream will output each audio signal by


PCM: Select this when connecting to 2-channel stereo

audio equipment.

Setting to PCM will output by converting each audio

signal into PCM 2-channel audio signal.

See page 43 for information on output of next generation
audio formats.

■ Dynamic Range Control
This lets you adjust the range between the loudest and
softest sounds (dynamic range) for playback at average
volume. Use this when it is hard to hear dialog.

Normal: The same audio output range is played as the

original recorded audio output range.

Shift*: When Dolby Digital audio is played back, the

dynamic range of the audio is adjusted so that the
dialog portion can be heard easily. (If the audio sounds
abnormal, set to “Normal”.)

Lower the audio volume before setting. If you do not do so,
the speakers may emit a loud sound or excessive output
may be applied to the speakers.


Playback Setting

■ Parental Control
This lets you set the Parental Control depending on the
disc content. The available Parental Control Levels are
shown below.
The 4-digit password number needs to be entered
before the Parental Control Levels and the Country
Code are set. The Parental Control Levels and the
Country Code cannot be set if a password has not
been created or the password is not entered.


8 and Off: All DVD-VIDEO can be played.
1-7: Prohibits play of DVD-VIDEO with corresponding

ratings recorded on them.


No Limit: All BD-VIDEO can be played.
0-99 year(s): Prohibits play of BD-VIDEO with

corresponding ratings recorded on them.

Country Code:

Set the Country Code. Refer to the Country Code List
(see page 43) because the ratings differ according to
the country.

■ Disc Language (Disc Priority Language)
This lets you select the language for subtitles, audio
and menus displayed on the screen.

Subtitle: Refer to the Language List. (See page 43.)
Audio: Refer to the Language List. (See page 43.)
Menu: Refer to the Language List and the Language

Code List. (See page 43.)

■ Angle Mark Display
This lets you turn the Angle Mark Display on or off
when DVD-VIDEO recorded with multiple angles is
played back.

Yes: The Angle Mark is displayed in the lower right


No: The Angle Mark is not displayed.

■ Password Setting
This sets the password for setting or changing the
Parental Control Level.

Yes: Enter the 4-digit number.
No: Select this when not setting the password.

On-Screen Display Menu