Parental ctrl (parental control setting) – Sharp Aquos LC 46BD80UN User Manual

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Parental CTRL

(Parental Control Setting)

Secret No.

Allows you to use a secret number to protect certain
settings from being accidentally changed.

Three conditions must be met to enable the V-Chip (see
pages 37 to 39):

1. Secret No. is registered.
2. V-Chip/V-Chip (DTV Only) settings have been made.

The “V-Chip (DTV Only)” will only be selectable when
a new rating system can be downloaded via digital
broadcasting in the U.S.

3. "Status" is set to "On".

■ New Secret No.
You can set and change the secret number by using


Input Secret No.: When you change the secret number,

enter the old 4-digit secret number here. The cursor
moves to "New Secret No.".

New Secret No.: When you set the new secret number,

enter the new 4-digit secret number here. The cursor
moves to "Reconfi rm".

Reconfi rm: Enter the same 4-digit number you set in

"New Secret No.".

■ Secret No. Clear
You can clear your secret number.

Yes: Your secret number is cleared.
No: Your secret number is not cleared.

As a precautionary measure, make a note of your secret
number and keep it in a familiar place.
If the secret number is cleared, the Status setting
automatically sets to "Off". "V-Chip" and "Status" will not be
selectable from the menu.

On-Screen Display Menu


Used to enable or disable the parental control function.
This function will not be selectable from the menu if
you do not fi rst confi gure your secret number.

On: Enables Parental CTRL.
Off: Disables Parental CTRL.


V-CHIP is an electronic fi ltering device built into your
TV. This tool gives parents a great degree of control
over broadcasts accessed by their children. It allows
parents to select programs judged suitable for child
viewing while blocking ones judged not suitable. It
does so automatically once you activate the V-CHIP
feature in your TV. "V-Chip" and "Status" will not be
selectable from the menu if you do not fi rst confi gure
your secret number.

The U.S. has two rating systems for viewing content: TV
Parental Guidelines and movie ratings.
The TV Parental Guidelines work in conjunction with the
V-CHIP to help parents screen out inappropriate television
shows from their children.
Movie ratings are used for original movies rated by the
Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as watched
on cable TV and not edited for television. The V-CHIP can
also be set to block MPAA-rated movies.

The setting automatically enters "Block" for any ratings
below your selection.
If Status is not set to "On", the confi guration settings will
not work.