Using and caring for your print cartridges, Print cartridge status – Sony 970C Series User Manual

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Using and Caring for Your
Print Cartridges

Print Cartridge Status

The Print Cartridge Status Light flashes when one
or both of your print cartridges are low on ink,
improperly installed, or malfunctioning. It will also
flash if you are trying to use the wrong print
cartridge type. If the problem is low ink, the light
will stop flashing when you open the top cover.
For any other print cartridge related problem, the
Print Cartridge Status Light will continue to flash.

To check the status of your print cartridges, open
the printer’s top cover. The yellow arrow on the
print cartridge cradle aligns with one of five Print
Cartridge Status icons.

Print Cartridge Status Light

Problem with
color print

Problem with black
print cartridge

Color print cartridge
low on ink

Black print cartridge low on ink

Print cartridges OK

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