Paper trays, Using your printer – Sony 970C Series User Manual

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Using Your Printer


Paper Trays

IN Tray

You place paper and other media
types for printing in the IN tray. Pull
out this tray for easy loading. Once
you insert the media you want to use,
slide the paper guides so they rest
snugly against the media. Be sure to
slide all media as far as it will go into
the IN tray.

OUT Tray

The printer sends its completed pages
to the OUT tray. The OUT tray has two
different positions.

Down – For most types of printing
(except banners). The down position
also allows single envelope printing.

Up – For ease of loading media in the
IN tray and for banner printing.

IN tray pushed in

Paper length guide

Paper width guide

Paper length guide

Paper width guide

IN tray pulled out

OUT tray up

OUT tray down

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