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HP DeskJet Toolbox

Use the

HP DeskJet Toolbox

for finding information and maintaining your

printer. The HP DeskJet Toolbox is installed in the HP DeskJet Utilities group in the
Program Manager. The Toolbox has two tabs:

How Do I?

(see “How Do I? Tab” on page 62)

Printer Services

(see “Services Tab” on page 61)

Simply click a tab, then choose an option.

How Do I? Tab

Consult the Release Notes file in the HP DeskJet 970C Series program group for
information about hardware and software compatibility. To access the Release
, click on

Start Programs HP

DeskJet 970C Series.

Click a button to read
instructions on:

• Replacing Print Cartridges
• Loading Paper
• Changing Print Settings

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