Getting help when things go wrong – Sony 970C Series User Manual

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Getting Help When Things Go Wrong


Text or graphics are in the
wrong place.

• Make sure you have selected the correct orientation (portrait or landscape) on the


tab. See “Features Tab” on page 8.

• Make sure the media is correctly oriented in the IN tray.
• Make sure the paper guides fit snugly against the media.

The printer is really slow.

• Check the amount of RAM and processor speed in your computer (see “System

Requirements” on page 66).

• Having less than 100 MB of free space on your computer’s hard drive can mean

longer processing times.

• Check the printer driver that you are using. Be sure to regularly check the HP web

site at

for the most recent software


• Large, complex documents containing graphics or photographs print slower than

text-only documents.

• When printing photographs, select


in Photo Paper Printing instead of

2400 x 1200 dpi


• You may be running numerous software programs simultaneously.
• Third-party devices connected between your printer and your computer can slow

the printer.

• Printing over a network can cause the printer to print slower.

No page came out of the

• Make sure the power is on and all connections are secure.
• Make sure the printer cover is closed.
• Make sure the media is correctly loaded in the IN tray.
• If the Power Light is blinking, the printer is processing information. Be patient.
• If the Resume Light is blinking, press the Resume Button.
• If the Print Cartridge Status Light is blinking, lift the printer cover, check the Print

Cartridge Status, and verify that the print cartridge cradle contains properly
installed print cartridges.

Determine whether paper is stuck in the printer. If it is, see “Clearing a Paper Jam”

on page 40.

• Make sure the Automatic Two-Sided Printing Module or Rear Access Door is in


A blank page came out of
the printer.

• Make sure you have removed the protective piece of vinyl tape on each of the

print cartridges. See “Replacing Print Cartridges” on page 31.

• Lift the printer cover and check the Print Cartridge Status icons to make sure you

are not out of ink. See “Print Cartridge Status” on page 29.

• If you are trying to print a fax:


Save the fax in a graphic format (such as TIFF).


Place it in a word processing document, and print from there.

Something is missing from
the page.

• Make sure you have set the correct margins.
• Make sure the margins are within the printable area. See “Minimum Printing

Margins” on page 65.

• Make sure the text and graphics are scaled correctly in your document.

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