Brewing coffee – FARBERWARE COFFEEMAKER FSCM100 User Manual

Page 12

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7. To brew a second pot of coffee, turn the Coffeemaker off for

10 minutes and allow it to cool. Empty used coffee grounds and
repeat steps for brewing coffee..

CAUTION: Failure to allow Coffeemaker to cool may cause water

to overheat and spray hot steam. The hot steam can cause
severe burns.

8. The Timer will automatically shut-off the appliance 2 hours

after the switching on of the appliance to avoid wasting energy.
If you want to have coffee at the same time the next day, move
the Slider to the OFF and then to the AUTO position. By doing
so, the next day the appliance will automatically switch ON at
the programmed time.

9. To manually turn off the Coffeemaker, slide the AUTO/OFF/ON

Switch to the OFF position. Also see AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF
FEATURE for more information.