Additional important safeguards – FARBERWARE COFFEEMAKER FSCM100 User Manual

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WARNING: This appliance generates heat and escaping steam

during use. Use proper precautions to prevent the risk of
burns, fires, or other injury to persons or damage to property.

1. Do not pour liquid other than water and the cleaning solution

specified in this manual into the Water Reservoir.

2. Coffeemaker must be left to cool down for approximately

15 minutes before adding more water.

3. DO NOT attempt to move an appliance containing hot liquids.

Allow appliance to cool completely before moving.

4. DO NOT leave empty Carafe on Warming Plate when appliance is

turned ON, as the Carafe may crack or become otherwise damaged.

5. Always use fresh, cool water in your Coffeemaker. Warm water or

other liquids, except as listed in cleaning section, may cause damage
to the appliance.

6. DO NOT lift Water Reservoir Lid or Swing-Out Filter Basket until

brewing is complete and all parts have cooled.

7. DO NOT put Carafe into a microwave.

CAUTION: To prevent injury when utilizing Drip Stop Feature, replace

Carafe within 20 seconds of removing during brewing process.