LG BD678N User Manual

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Notes on Copyrights

• Because AACS (Advanced Access Content System)

is approved as content protection system for BD
format, similar to use of CSS (Content Scramble
System) for DVD format, certain restrictions are
imposed on playback, analog signal output, etc.,
of AACS protected contents. The operation of this
product and restrictions on this product may vary
depending on your time of purchase as those
restrictions may be adopted and/or changed by
AACS after the production of this product.

• Furthermore, BD-ROM Mark and BD+ are

additionally used as content protection systems
for BD format, which imposes certain restrictions
including playback restrictions for BD-ROM
Mark and/or BD+ protected contents. To obtain
additional information on AACS, BD-ROM Mark,
BD+, or this product, please contact an authorized
Customer Service Centre.

• Many BD-ROM/DVD discs are encoded with

copy protection. Because of this, you should only
connect your player directly to your TV, not to a
VCR. Connecting to a VCR results in a distorted
picture from copy-protected discs.

This product incorporates copyright protection

technology that is protected by U.S. patents
and other intellectual property rights. Use of
this copyright protection technology must be
authorized by Rovi Corporation, and is intended
for home and other limited viewing uses only
unless otherwise authorized by Rovi Corporation.
Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.

• Under the U.S. Copyright laws and Copyright

laws of other countries, unauthorized recording,
use, display, distribution, or revision of television
programs, videotapes, BD-ROM discs, DVDs, CDs
and other materials may subject you to civil and/
or criminal liability.

Important Notice for TV colour system

The colour system of this player differs according to
currently playing discs.

For example, when the player plays the disc recorded
in the NTSC colour system, the image is output as an
NTSC signal.

Only the multi system colour TV can receive all
signals output from the player.

• If you have a PAL colour system TV, you will see

just distorted images when using discs or video
contents recorded in NTSC.

• The multi system colour TV changes the colour

system automatically according to input signals.
In case that the colour system is not changed
automatically, turn it of and then on to see
normal images on screen.

Even if the disc recorded in NTSC colour system
are well displayed on your TV, these may not be
recorded correctly on your recorder.

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