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Network Software

Network update notification

From time to time, performance improvements

and/or additional features or services may be
made available to units that are connected to
a broadband home network. If there is new
software available and the unit is connected
to a broadband home network, the player will
inform you about the update as follows.

Option 1:

1. The update menu will appear on the screen

when you turn on the player.

2. Use

to select a desired option and then

press ENTER ( ).

Starts the software update.

Exits the update menu and displays it next

Exits the update menu and it does not
appear until next software is uploaded in

Option 2:

If the software update is available from the

the update server.

update server, the “Update” icon appears at
the bottom of the Home menu. Press blue (B)
colored button to start the update procedure.

Software Update

You can update the player using the latest

software to enhance the products operation
and/or add new features. You can update the
software by connecting the unit directly to the
software update server.


• Before updating the software in your player,

remove any disc and USB Device from the player.

• Before updating the software in your player, turn

the player of and then turn it back on.

During the software update procedure, do

not turn of the player or disconnect AC
power, or do not press any button.

• If you cancel the update, turn of the power and

turn it on for stable performance.

• This unit cannot be updated to previous

software version.

1. Check the network connection and settings

(page 20-22).

2. Select [Software] option in the [Setup]

menu then press ENTER ( ).

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