One-time disable, Deactivating/activating the belt-minder feature, Seating and safety restraints – Lincoln 2011 MKX User Manual

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One-time disable

If at any time the driver/front passenger quickly buckles then unbuckles
the safety belt for that seating position, the Belt-Minder

௡ is disabled for

the current ignition cycle. The Belt-Minder

௡ feature will enable during

the same ignition cycle if the occupant buckles and remains buckled for
approximately 30 seconds. Confirmation is not given for the one-time

Deactivating/activating the Belt-Minder


The driver and front passenger Belt-Minder


deactivated/activated independently. When deactivating/activating
one seating position, do not buckle the other position as this will
terminate the process.

Read Steps 1 - 4 thoroughly before proceeding with the
deactivation/activation programming procedure.

Note: The driver and front passenger Belt-Minder

௡ features must be

disabled/enabled separately. Both cannot be disable/enabled during the
same key cycle.

The driver and front passenger Belt-Minder

௡ features can be

deactivated/activated by performing the following procedure:

Before following the procedure, make sure that:
• The parking brake is set.
• The gearshift is in P (Park).
• The ignition is off.
• The driver and front passenger safety belts are unbuckled.

WARNING: While the design allows you to deactivate your

௡, this system is designed to improve your chances of

being safely belted and surviving an accident. We recommend you
leave the Belt-Minder

௡ system activated for yourself and others who

may use the vehicle. To reduce the risk of injury, do not
deactivate/activate the Belt-Minder

௡ feature while driving the vehicle.

1. Turn the ignition on. DO NOT START THE ENGINE.

2. Wait until the safety belt warning light turns off (approximately
1–2 minutes).
• Step 3 must be completed within 50 seconds after the safety belt

warning light turns off.

Seating and Safety Restraints


2011 MKX (mkx)
Owners Guide, 1st Printing