Vertical aim adjustment, Lights – Lincoln 2011 MKX User Manual

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Vertical aim adjustment

1. Park the vehicle directly in front of a wall or screen on a level surface,
approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) away.
• (1) 8 feet (2.4 meters)
• (2) Center height of lamp to


• (3) 25 feet (7.6 meters)
• (4) Horizontal reference line
2. Measure the height of the
headlamp bulb center from the
ground and mark an 8 foot
(2.4 meter) horizontal reference line
on the vertical wall or screen at this

3. Turn on the low beam headlamps to illuminate the wall or screen and
open the hood.

To see a clearer light pattern for adjusting, you may want to block the
light from one headlamp while adjusting the other.

For vehicles with halogen headlamps:

On the wall or screen you will
observe a flat zone of high intensity
light located at the top of the right
hand portion of the beam pattern. If
the top edge of the high intensity
light zone is not at the horizontal
reference line, the headlamp will
need to be adjusted.

For vehicles with HID headlamps:

There is a distinct cut-off (change
from light to dark) in the left
portion of the beam pattern. The
top edge of this cut-off should be
positioned two inches (5 cm) below
the horizontal reference line.



2011 MKX (mkx)
Owners Guide, 1st Printing