Driver controls – Lincoln 2011 MKX User Manual

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Easy entry/exit feature

When the ignition is turned off, the column will move to the full up and
in position if this feature is activated through the message center. Refer
to Message center in the Instrument Cluster chapter. When the ignition
is turned on, the column will return to the previous setting.

Note: The easy entry/exit feature will prevent the steering wheel from
returning to the memory position until the ignition is turned off.

Memory feature (if equipped)

The steering column positions are saved when doing a memory set
function and can be recalled along with the vehicle personality features
when a memory position is selected through the remote entry
transmitter, keyless entry keypad or memory switch on the instrument
panel. Refer to Front seating in the Seating and Safety Restraints

If the steering column adjustment control is pressed during memory
recall it will cancel the automatic operation and the column will respond
to manual adjustment of the control.

WARNING: Never adjust the steering column when the vehicle
is moving.

On vehicles with memory feature, to prevent damage to the steering
column, the steering column is designed to set a stopping position just
short of the end of the column position. If the steering column
encounters an object while moving up or down, a new stopping position
will be set. To reset the steering column to its normal stopping position:
• After encountering the new stopping position, press the steering

column control again to override.

• Continue pressing the control until it reaches the end of the column


• A new soft stop will be automatically set. The next time the steering

column is tilted it will stop just short of the end of the column

Driver Controls


2011 MKX (mkx)
Owners Guide, 1st Printing