Driving – Lincoln 2011 MKX User Manual

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When AdvanceTrac

௡ with RSC௡ performs a normal system self-check,

some drivers may notice a slight movement of the brake, and/or a
rumble, grunting, or grinding noise after startup and when driving off.

When an event occurs that activates AdvanceTrac

௡ with RSC௡ you may

experience the following:
• A slight deceleration of the vehicle
• The stability control light will flash.
• A vibration in the pedal when your foot is on the brake pedal
• If the driving condition is severe and your foot is not on the brake, the

brake pedal may move as the systems applies higher brake forces. You
may also hear a whoosh of air from under the instrument panel during
this severe condition.

• The brake pedal may feel stiffer than usual.
Traction control system (TCS)

Traction control is a driver aid feature that helps your vehicle maintain
traction of the wheels, typically when driving on slippery and/or hilly
road surfaces, by detecting and controlling wheel spin.

Excessive wheel spin is controlled in two ways, which may work
separately or in tandem; engine traction control and brake traction
control. Engine traction control works to limit drive-wheel spin by
momentarily reducing engine power. Brake traction control works to limit
wheel spin by momentarily applying the brakes to the wheel that is
slipping. Traction control is most active at low speeds.

During traction control events, the stability control light in the
instrument cluster will flash.

If the traction control system is activated excessively in a short period of
time, the braking portion of the system may become temporarily disabled
to allow the brakes to cool down. In this situation, traction control will
use only engine power reduction or transfer to help control the wheels
from over-spinning. When the brakes have cooled down, the system will
regain all features. Anti-lock braking, RSC

௡, and ESC are not affected by

this condition and will continue to function during the cool-down period.

The engine traction control and brake traction control system may be
deactivated in certain situations. See the Switching off AdvanceTrac

with RSC

௡ section below.



2011 MKX (mkx)
Owners Guide, 1st Printing