LG RU-52SZ61D User Manual

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P A G E 2 7

PIP (Picture-in-Picture) Operation

Press PIP on the remote control with the
PIP image on the screen to activate POP
(Picture-out-of-Picture) mode.
The pictures of all the programmed chan-
nels are searched with the 3 PIP screen, as
shown to the right.

• Press SWAP, to enlarge the selected

channel being searched on the PIP
screen to view it on the Main screen.
(Main and sub pictures can be swapped
if main picture source is Ant/Cable.)

Press the EXIT button to exit POP mode.



POP (Picture-out-of-Picture)



Use POP to search the pictures of all the programmed chan-
nels one-by-one on the 3 PIP screen display, while the main
screen remains the current channel.

Press the SWAP button.
Each time you press the SWAP button, you switch the Main and PIP pictures.

In the PIP mode, each press of the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrow buttons will
move the sub picture to a different position on the screen.

Select the Ant/Cable source with the PIP INPUT button.

Use the PIPCH-/PIPCH+ button to select a channel for the sub picture.

Main Picture

Sub Picture

Run EZ Scan channel search before using POP mode.

Selecting PIP Channels

Swapping Pictures

Moving the Sub Picture

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