Troubleshooting (contd.) – LG RU-52SZ61D User Manual

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P A G E 5 5

Remote control doesn’t work.

Menu options can’t be
changed or selected.

No picture or sound
when any non-cable source
is selected.

Weak or no Stereo Sound
when using a stereo VCR.

The PIP inset is black or
lacks contrast.

The PIP inset is “snow” when
the source is Antenna.

Time is incorrect.

Troubleshooting (Contd.)

• Make sure the batteries are fresh and installed properly.

• Try unplugging your TV for a few minutes,

then plug it back in.

• Check to see if the source equipment has been turned on.
• Make sure that the connections are secure on the back of your TV and on the
source equipment.

• Check to see if all the connections are secure.
• Look in the Audio mode menu to see if all the settings are correct.
• You are using channel 3 or 4 to view your VCR. No stereo sound is present

under that decision.

• Check to be sure that the PIP source is turned on.
• You might want to adjust the PIP picture settings under the PIP menu.
• Check that all the wires are connected properly.
• Check to see if your input source for PIP is set correctly.

• Look to see if the TV/VCR button on your VCR has the TV selected or change
the PIP to another source.

• Reset clock manually.

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