Troubleshooting – LG RU-52SZ61D User Manual

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P A G E 5 4



Snowy picture and unclear sound.

Multiple images or ‘ghost shadows.’

Interference: Sharp lines across
the screen and unclear sound.

Normal picture but no sound.

No picture and unclear sound.

No picture and no sound.

No color, but the sound is O.K.

Picture has a big black box
on it, but the sound is O.K.

Picture has two horizontal
black bars, one on top and
one on bottom.

Missing Secret code

Some quick and easy tips to fixing problems yourself.


• Check your antenna connection or location.
• Check your cable input.
• Check to see if the TV/VCR button on your VCR has the TV selected.

• Check your antenna direction and/or location.
• Check your cable input.
• Make sure the cable from your antenna to your TV is

properly connected.

The following may cause image problems or distortion:
Electrical appliances, powerful lights, cars, trucks; computers or
portable phones; medical equipment
• If possible increase the distance between your TV and the offending appliance.
Or shut one of them off.

• Check sound level.
• Make sure the TV sound is not muted.
• Try another channel. The problem may be the broadcast, not your TV.
• Are the Audio cables properly installed?
• Are the wires for external speakers (if you have external speakers)

properly installed?

• Make sure your speakers are turned on inthe Audio menu.
• If your audio mode is set to SAP, that channel may not have an SAP program.

• Are you in TV or cable tuning mode, and should be in the other?
• Make sure output channels on all A/V equipment are on the same channel (3 or 4).
• Check that all connections are tight.

• Is the AC power cord plugged in?
• Check that your AC power outlet works. (Test it by plugging in something

else or try another outlet.)

• Make sure your brightness and audio controls are set properly.
• Try another channel. The problem may be with the broadcast.

• Check the color settings in the Video menu.
• Try another channel. The problem may be with the broadcast.

• The Caption option may be in Text mode. Select Caption 1, or OFF

in the Captions/Text menu.

• Your program is in letterbox. This means that the shape of your TV is a

square, but the program is a rectangle. Think of the bars as empty space the
program doesn’t fill; not picture that’s blocked out. Because this format is a
direct representation of film as you see it in the movies, you are actually seeing
MORE of the program when you see those bars.

• If you forget the secret code, press the remote control Button ‘7’, ‘7’, ‘7’ and ‘7’

when the display asks you to enter the secret code.

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