LG RU-52SZ61D User Manual

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P A G E 2 8

Twin Picture

Twin Picture splits the screen into 2, allowing 2 pictures to be shown on the TV screen at the same time.
Each source is given half the screen.

Use the PIP INPUT button to select the input source for the sub picture.
Each time you press PIP INPUT, you toggle between Ant/Cable, Video 1,
Video 2, and Front Video.



Press the Swap button.
Each time you press SWAP, you switch the PIP and Main picture channels.

Press the PIP button on the remote control in POP mode to activate twin picture mode.
Select the Ant/Cable source with the PIP INPUT button.

Use the PIPCH-/PIPCH+ button to select the desired channel for the sub picture.

Main Picture

Sub Picture

Watching Twin Picture

Swapping Pictures

Selecting an Input Signal Source for Sub Picture

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