LG RU-52SZ61D User Manual

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Maintenance (Contd.)

Even though you may be getting cable service, the signal may be weak, which means the quality
of your picture may suffer due to other factors. If there are problems with the image on your TV,
consult the Troubleshooting guide on the following pages. You may also want to contact your cable
service provider to determine if the problem is from the cable service.

If you use your TV to play video games or for other uses that have single,
fixed images, such as a photo-CD player, you should avoid setting the Brightness level too high.
If static images, like network identification patterns, are left on the screen for too long, they can
leave a permanent impression on the TV screen. You can reduce the chance of this happening by
limiting the amount of time you use the fixed-image display, and by reducing the contrast and
brightness levels.



If you unplug your TV from a wall power outlet, you may have to reset the clock using the Time menu
described earlier.

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