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6 After using your pressure washer

6.2 Winding up of electric

cable and high pressure

To avoid accidents, the electric
cable and the high pressure
hose should always be winded
carefully up.

Wind up the electric cable and
the high pressure hose on the
appropriate hooks. Built-in clip
for good holding.

The high pressure washer
comes in two models: A) with
hook for storage of high pres-
sure hose (14) - B) with a hose
reel (13), where the hose is
pushed into the reel and after-
wards winded up.

6.1 Storing the washer

The machine should be sto-
red in a frost-free room!

Pump, hose and accessories
should always be emptied of
water prior to storing as follows:

1. Stop the machine (turn

the start/stop switch (1) to
position"O") and detach wa-
ter hose and accessory.

2. Restart the machine and

activate the trigger. Let the
machine run until no more
water runs through the spray

3. Stop the machine, unplug

and wind up hose and cable.

4. Place spray handle, nozzles

and other accessories in the
holders of the machine.

Should the machine by mistake
be frozen, it will be necessary
to check it for damage.


Frost damages are not
covered by the guarantee!

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C 120.3

C 125.3

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